Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Additions to Chicago Night Life, RMC


New MSN and AOL Chicago Night Life ( NIghtLIfe ), RMC WebSites have been created. The MSN WebSite is the discussion MNSN Group [ NIghtLifeRMC ] which bring the Intercultural communication aspect of this project. While the AOL WebSite bring other links into the Matrix system in the development of page rankings. Moreover, the links page on other WebSites are being crossed linked. A process which will take two months to process. the additions to this are NightLifeRMC/links.msnw , and the EuroQuestRMC/links.msnw. More posting are comming....Stay tuned, or bookmarked in.......RMC

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Welcome to Chicago Night Life, RMC !

Welcome to Chicago Night Life, RMC.

This is a BlogSite to promote Ithaca as The Cutlural Magnet Destination City.

The method used is as follows.

An Inter - City Cultural ( IE. Dance in Chicago ) Communications WebSite program between the cities of Chicago, Ithaca, New York City, Toronto, and Washington DC. Moreover, the term special approach will used through this on - going / developing WebSite commmunications project. What this means, is that you, the online internet users and community persons of the Chicago region will have a say of what goes on these BlogSites, and WebSites. All you have to do is to goto [ WebSite ], and fillout the user friendly online interactive forms.

The social contributions you can make - suggest:

Know of a weekly social community dance which wants to be listed, then goto [TBA], and fillout the form. Those who own theirown aircraft and who loves to dance are encouraged to register here [ TBA] too!

There are tiems like this.....

The developing Parental Networking Base.

Chicago Sports Page.

Then you will get the idea, and that it is being seen in other locations. IE. Washington DC.


With Chicago as one link, the others are :

Ithaca Night Life, NY
New York City Night Life, RMC
Toronto Night Life, RMC
Washington DC Night Life, RMC


This is an Inter - City Cultural Communication WebSite program by Tri Falcon and Dove Productions, the Entertainment Division ( mostly on paper for now ) of Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy - Roger Meredith Christian, Dance Director - Ithaca, New York.